Lees Bees
Contact: Carol Dionne-Lees
Address: PO Box 5347 Humboldt, SK, S0K 2A0
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About Us
Lees Bees is a small family operated apiary that had a simple start. We simply wanted to start a project with our young children. In 2018, we acquired a single beehive and began our adventure. Through the simple act of using our honey and wax to create homemade gifts for family and friends, we quickly grew from a little family hobby into a small business adventure. In the summer of 2021, we outgrew our family and friend circle, and began to attend local farmer's markets. We have had a tremendous outpour of support from our local customers, and have decided to continue to grow and share our passion with the rest of Saskatchewan.

Each of our products is handmade in our home kitchen, and we pride ourselves on utilizing locally sourced ingredients when possible. We have a variety of flavours of honey as well as an assortment of beeswax products.

The biggest priority for Lees Bees is the health and maintenance of each of our bee colonies. We are consistently inspecting our hives and ensuring that they are healthy and happy bees. A thriving colony is great for not only us and the surrounding farmers, but to ensure the bees can survive the winter. We follow all appropriate protocol for the upkeep of healthy bees and strive to give the bees their best life.