Grovenland Farm
Contact: Lisa & Ben Martens Bartel, John & Denise Bartel
City: Lanigan, SK,
Email Address:
Phone: 306-365-3037
About Us
Grovenland Farm is a small multi-generational mixed farm. They produce vegetables in season, grass-finished beef, pasture raised pork and poultry, including eggs.

The three generations on the farm are; Lisa and Ben Martens Bartel, with their 3 young boys, moved to the farm in May of 2011 from Winnipeg to begin a new farming story with Ben’s parents, John and Denise Bartel.

After 20 years of conventional farming, John and Denise grew weary of the increasing dependence on chemical inputs and capital required to produce grains and animals for the mainstream global food production system. They rented their grain land to neighbours and reduced their cattle herd to a level that was manageable while they both pursued off farm employment. Their hope was to gradually incorporate more sustainable methods for growing plants and raising animals on their farm land.

When Lisa and Ben began to express their dreams about the possibility of partnering in a new farming adventure, common values and goals became apparent. And so Grovenland Farm has begun to see new activity as it welcomes the dreams, ideas and energy of the fourth generation of farmers from this family on this land.
At Grovenland Farm we are passionate about growing and producing quality foods for our community. We believe that the way we produce food should be wholesome, ethical, and sustainable. That is why we choose to raise our animals outdoors on the pasture, and garden without the use of chemicals. In the end this makes food that is both good for us, good for the land, and with a superior home-grown taste that you cant find at the supermarket.