D&D Market Garden
Contact: Don and Donna Kizlyk
Address: Box 78 Fosston, SK, S0E 0V0
Email Address:
Phone: 306-338-2986
About Us
Don & Donna bought the farm near Fosston in 1986. They grew grain conventionnally for 3 years before starting to farm organically. The land was seeded to hay in 1989. In 1992, they started market gardening root and cruciferous vegetables and have expanded into different varieties since then. They were certified organic with OCIA in 2001.

Currently, 12 acres are cultivated for garden vegetables. The rest of the 480 acres are in wild hay and wild life habitat. Willow boughs are harvested by a Regina based willow furniture craftsman. Don does most of the gardening, while Donna looks after the paper work. Don is a prolific inventor and has created a weeding machine, a transplant machine, a one person sequence planting potato-planter and a climate controlled storage area for the vegetables. Due to his ingenuity, the entire 12 acres can be planted and maintained by one person.

Don and Donna believe in a live and let live philosophy. Don plants things where they want to grow as he doesn't believe in forcing things. Nothing goes into the garden but seeds, labour and his loving care, no chemical fertilizers and no chemical pesticides. No plant is harvested before its time. The plants grow to maturity in the soil, under Don's watchful eye. He knows each row of vegetables intimately and notices immediately when insects arrive. He determines whether or not they are beneficial. They don't all necessarily have to be terminated. When they do, Don uses sustainable, environmentally friendly methods such as sugar water. Don loves to grow plants, and consequently he is very hands on and personal with his garden.

Don and Donna are also very community minded, donating vegetables and their time to many local groups.