White Owl Farm
Contact: Stacey Wiebe & Dale Maier
Address: Site 2 Box 5 Canora, SK, S0A 0L0
Phone: 306-301-2775
About Us
We have been farming since 2017. We currently have 10 acres for pasture for our small herd of goats. Our farm is family run. Our business has evolved from a small herd of 3 dairy goats on 3 acres of land in Southern Alberta to a herd of 10 goats on 10 acres in Saskatchewan. Our herd is closed, except for new bucks, so our growth is slow. We hope to grow up to 100 goats and phase the dairy goats out in favour of meat goats.
Some of our core values include:
Environmental stewardship; we work with habitats and nature so we can all share the land;
Species specific nutrition: no grain for our ruminants! Our goats are raised on pasture and browse.
Family togetherness: family is important to us. Our kids (human) help wherever is appropriate. We also spend time away from the farm as a family.
Community: local food is important to build community.
Our animals are processed at a provincially inspected facility: Wadena Meats